Taking the right chances
Regulatory reach is extending further, the price we might have to pay for growth is higher than ever and, economically, we’re still on uncertain ground. Is it all worth the risk?
Legal risk:
adapt and evolve
Risk, as we once knew it, has changed. When a crisis hits, the pressure to respond is enormous. Companies need to be prepared.
The end
of austerity
We need to address Europe’s failing economic policy, argue Alistair Darling and Peter Bofinger.
In summer 2015, Mergermarket surveyed 120 US-based senior-level executives split equally between the technology and life sciences sectors. All respondents confirmed that they were responsible for their company’s digital healthcare strategy, and all respondents from the technology sector confirmed that their company had invested or was considering investing in a healthcare-related sector. Corporate revenues of respondent companies were split equally between US$1 – 5 billion and more than US$5 billion. The survey included a combination of qualitative and quantitative questions, and all interviews were conducted over the telephone by appointment. Results were analyzed and collated by Mergermarket, and all responses are anonymized and presented in aggregate.
The cutting edge: Shaping the future of digital healthcare
Digital healthcare, the convergence between life sciences and information technology, is revolutionizing global markets