Digital healthcare in numbers
From wearable technology and big data to remote monitoring and “mHealth,” the digitized era of healthcare is upon us.
In our survey,"The cutting edge: Shaping the future of digital healthcare", nine out of ten survey respondents told us that digital healthcare plays a key role in their overall business strategy. In fact, 92 percent of life sciences and 96 percent of technology companies plan to increase their investment in digital healthcare over the next 18 months.
To make the most of digital healthcare opportunities, companies from both sectors will need to collaborate. However, our survey found a potential divide, with 85 percent of life sciences and 82 percent of technology companies worried their business cultures are “incompatible.” Fortunately, companies from both sectors see the advantages of bridging the divide, with each able to point out attractive aspects of a cross-sector partnership.
Our survey also highlighted major legal challenges. More than 80 percent of technology and 75 percent of life sciences companies identified intellectual property (IP) issues as a barrier to growth in digital healthcare. And 73 percent of companies pointed to the absence of standardized global data privacy rules as a major barrier obstructing growth.
Finally, in an indication of just how enticing the sector has become, 90 percent of technology and 82 percent of life sciences companies told us they would pursue a digital healthcare strategy even if they knew their products could not receive patent protection.
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