The future of healthcare is here
Digital healthcare, the convergence of life sciences and technology, is transforming medicine and revolutionizing global markets.
Digital healthcare may soon provide the ability to process information from thousands of individuals, thus uncovering ways to improve patient outcomes. It could also lead to lower healthcare costs through data reviews that identify wasteful practices, high-quality healthcare for people living even in remote areas through remote monitoring and mHealth, platforms that allow distant doctors to collaborate, and many other life-saving innovations. The list evolves and expands every day. To learn more, we canvassed the opinions of 120 US-based senior-level executives in the life sciences and technology sectors to explore just how prepared they are for digital healthcare and the challenges they will face—be they strategic, operational or legal. The results of the survey are eye-opening and show unbridled enthusiasm for innovation and a desire for collaboration, albeit with justifiable wariness about several major potential obstacles. Make no mistake, a digital healthcare revolution is here. Those who act now could seize a significant competitive opportunity—while changing the face of healthcare for millions around the globe.
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